Apply Online Today

You can apply for our courses at Dunboyne College by visiting the link below. All you need to do is create an account and fill in your details.

The Application Process

We are aware that this year has brought about a lot of uncertainty about the Leaving Cert, college places and interview processes. From today if you complete our online application form and upload a 100 to 200-word statement titled: "Why I have chosen this course, and why I am suitable for this course" on our website you may be eligible for an offer. More information on this personal statement can be found in the FAQ page.

If you upload it by Friday of any week, and you are eligible, you will get an offer letter the following week.

We advise you to do this at your earliest convenience to secure an offer as courses fill on a first come first serve basis, and some of the more popular courses do fill up early in the summer. You can always opt out up to the end of September if you get a third level offer or you change your mind.

Our students are very successful in accessing the thousands of third level offers available to PLC graduates. In fact, over 90% of our students who complete the year with us, with at least 8 successful modules, get a third level offer. It often represents a much better option than repeating the Leaving Cert as you can study nursing, computers, psychology, science etc, or whatever your passion is on a full time basis. We have over 50 courses on offer.

By clicking the 'Apply Now' button above, you will be directed to an application form, which you can fill in. Applicants must then upload their personal statement.

We realise it can be difficult to get references etc during this time so we will only require these documents for final registration which should be completed by 14th August along with your course fees. You can upload any of the following documents that are outstanding when completing your registration online.

Please do not hesitate to contact Vilma by email or our school mobile number: 0852523485 at any point for help with the process.

We wish you well as you enter the summer and look at the next stage of your educational journey.

We do hope that is with us.